Have we had a chat about this before? Yes, we have. It could be regarded as a welcome change of scenery for those of you who are on the verge of giving up altogether. Even with our own encouragement and accompanying motivations, you may feel that you really are not up to all of this. We do understand that you are feeling quite anxious at this point in time. As a fat loss motivator, we have decided to take a different tack.

We are going to leave the gym and jogging paths for a while because we do know how hard you have been trying. You have gotten through as much reading material that your hefty stomach can take for one day. But you are still worried. Our tack lurches into the informal. It is a welcome departure from the fact laden informational guides that have caused many a blurry eye. The informal tone is practical in the sense that it can serve hesitant or anxious readers well for the future.

Going forward, it only gets better for you. But whether it is going to be a walk in the park or a heavy, strenuous weight training session in the gym, is still up to you, whether you like it or not. Let us get ahead of ourselves by skipping this. The first few days of interval training and brisk walking or jogging are often the most difficult for any first-time exerciser, particularly those men who are, indeed, carrying excess loads of fatty tissue around the tummy area.

But once you get past this first hurdle – yes, there will be others ahead, but these will be welcome challenges – you will find that it is a case of when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And that will be you in the near future. You will be tough, physically and mentally so. Assuming, of course, that you have managed to steel your nerves and grit your teeth with the discipline needed to carry on. And you know there will always be men weaker than others.

So it goes in life, but it does not need to be so. It is still the case today, the weakest amongst us always seem to get left behind, sometimes even for dead. But how is it possible to call the toughest amongst us truly tough if we don’t lend a helping hand where it is needed the most. For the time being, however, some of you need a helping hand. You do not need to endure your first six weeks all on your own and with great difficulty.

By joining your local gym, you are essentially joining a club. It is your choice to make, and you need never be alone during your exploits in the gym. If you feel you need direct interventions in your workout routines then you can always enroll the services of a personal trainer. The trainer is good for two good reasons that we can think of right now. In the first place, he puts you through the paces where technique and correct posture is concerned.

And in the second place, he is quite handy to have hovering about you where discipline is concerned. If he feels that you are beginning to slack owing to tiredness, he will be pushing for you to get on with it. Of course, if he is an accomplished and accredited trainer, he will always know when it is time to stop. He will know when you are running into difficulties that it is clearly time to call it a day. Remember, we did say that it is better to under train than to over train.

And your trainer should know this well. There will be those of you who will not be able to afford the services of a personal trainer right now. That is quite alright. Make enquiries at your local gym or community center to find out about groups you can join. These groups will always have one man volunteering his own expertise for the duration of the group workout or excursion. And there is great value to be had in exercising in numbers.

Women will never understand this, but men are at heart competitive spirits. They will always be striving to get the upper hand over the man standing next to him. It gives him a great boost to see that he has accomplished his tasks while the other gentleman is still struggling along. But this yearning to be the best you can be is not an invitation to take on a completely self-centered approach. There is always space for you to help your fellow man.

But for the time being, we do hope that we have helped you sufficiently to get on your bicycle and to start pedaling. We do not yet know what future projects lie in front of us. Who knows, a fresh request to talk a bit more about muscle milk might come in. Of course, we will be happy to oblige. In the meantime we remain resolutely focused on trying to assist overweight gentlemen to make new and positive strides in their lives.

We know this much for a fact; if you stick this out, you will lose the fat and you will be fit.

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