When we talk of ingredients, we are usually thinking of food. But in the context of this article on weight training, this is important. In terms of food sources to aid the weight training regime, the list can be long. But there are two key ingredients well worth focusing on. Do make sure that you have a healthy balance of carbohydrates and protein included to your vitamin and mineral rich diet.

Those of you who have made welcome progress in terms of improving your health and fitness, allowing you to increase the intensity of your weight training for competitive purposes perhaps, could also start thinking seriously about including muscle milk in your supplementary regime to help you cope with extreme reductions in energy levels and protein sources as a result of the exercise intensity.

One important physical ingredient required during the course of weight training remains that of interval training. In the previous article dealing specifically with fat loss workouts, we mentioned the importance of including this practice. In fact, it is so important; we may as well include it here as well. And there is one more good reason to include the practice during your weight training sessions. Because there is a tendency among some gym practitioners to push their body to the limits to the point that they not only risk injury but put their overall health in harm’s way.

And did we mention this before? Nevertheless, most advocates worth their Himalaya salt in the men’s health and fitness space have all said that it is better to under train than over train. This should be welcome news to those of you who are currently heavily overweight and have been accustomed to the sedentary life, with very little physical activity in-between, for far too long. The key ingredient of the interval sessions is that they advocate regular rest periods. But while they allow the body to recover, there is more.

These rest periods are deliberately scheduled to be short. The intention here is to work thoroughly on improving your cardiovascular levels. Similar results accrue when the target is to increase muscle size. A lackadaisical or willy-nilly lifting of ladies’ lightweight dumbbells does not yield the desired results across the board. During these short rest periods, you have barely managed to recover your breath, and after several sessions or reps, your muscles are already starting to feel fatigued.

This may seem arduous for many of you who are venturing into this for the very first time. It may appear hair-raising for those of you who have never been actively engaged in any form of physical activity, not since they were young adults, in any case. A reassuring thought to help you make that transformation from being chronically lazy to supremely active, and in the process, healthy and fit. You may not have noticed this before, but your body craves to be busy.

You may be wondering why you feel so tired in any case. You wonder why you are so tired, just from sitting on the couch all night long. Well, there you go. The body also needs its sleep and it does not like to be kept up until all hours. A good night’s rest, preferably setting off to sleep at an earlier hour than usual, does help to keep the fatigue at bay. And when the body is healthily engaged in physical activities and exercises, it looks forward to turning into bed a lot earlier than usual.

It is far better to be naturally fatigued than to drag yourself to bed late at night, tired and fatigued from high levels of stress and anxiety. Those levels of anxiety quickly dissipate when your body passes on its positive energy derived from regular exercise and physical activity to the mind. The mind draws sustenance from increased energy levels which are also only possible when the body has been correctly fueled with natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and protein enriched meat sources.

From this, a healthy balance is sought. On the lips of many health advocates and health oriented nutritionists is the drive towards sourcing only organic food sources. You can do this with your meat sources as well. There are also emotional and religious implications in doing this positively. Your fruit and vegetables are also free of chemicals and pesticides. Instead of spending long hours on the couch, you could be growing your own vegetables, exercising all parts of your body (and mind) in the process.

One thing many men seem to forget is the liquid replenishments. Yes, it is true that many weight trainers and runners are taking care of their body’s liquid requirements but they still need to take extra care. Take care that you strive to utilize muscle milk which is derived from as many natural sources as possible. Simply search for organic alternatives. The product label and its ingredients should reassure you of this important fact.

Try and steer clear away from many of the so-called sports drinks. The lackadaisical argument goes that highly active men will be able to burn off the excess sugar content. But it is still white sugar with no nutritional value. Also, reduce your sodium (salt) intake. We have said enough for one day. Time for a break then before we turn our attention to motivating those of you overburdened with heavy weights.

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