The problem with dieting in the past was that the layman and his female partner were often led astray by dietary fads that only offered quick-fix solutions. But these promises to reduce excess fat from key areas of the body presented hapless men and women with more problems. It all came at great cost to them, in more ways than one. Before the rise of crass internet consumerism, folks had to or were enticed to buy dozens of weight loss books before punishing themselves with self-sacrificing diets which often did not work.

Most of the time, people were not even reading these books, from cover to cover, as it were. Not that it would have been necessary, but the key issue was that they were missing out on the key dietary ingredients, if one could put it that way. There was always a perception that the essential fat loss diet meant that there would be absolutely no fat in the food that they were required to consume habitually. They were partially right, of course, but were they to know this if they had never read the information foisted upon them. We do know today that it is possible to enjoy fat free diets that are healthy for us. But what has also astounded some weight watchers is the fact that fat loss diets are not and do not need to be entirely fat free. It all depends on what type of fats is being consumed too, of course.

Back to the old fads. These diets often left overweights feeling quite malnourished and without much energy to go about their daily tasks.

Well, no more. The days of ignorance are long gone. And in this day and age of information overload, there is not a single person out there who does not know that a bag of crisps or potato chips, a tub of chocolate mousse, burgers and fries and late night pizza parties, among many other fatty and unedifying ingredients, is entirely bad for them. And to take proactive action in your life to lose weight does mean that you no longer have to spend a penny more on fast fad fat loss diets. You no longer need to be drawn into the provisos that say that you must purchase this book or you must sign up for that deal to lose weight.

Most of what you need to do can be done at your own speed, and where essential information is concerned, well, there you go, you have the internet and the reams of nutritional and dietary information available for you to use is entirely free. But of course, it is still all easier said than done. Gentlemen, we simply need to acknowledge that folks that simply cut out and paste their first meal plan on their refrigerator door are still looking for quick fix solutions and the easy way out of doing actual work.

They are missing out on the key ingredients. While they appear to be having a good time challenging their bodies with new weight loss diets, they do not know much about what they are eating and even how they should be eating. Size portions and regularity of meals are two missed points. For instance, when a good dieting book says you can have three hundred grams of prime beef steak this week, it does not mean that you are going to be devouring this steak in one sitting. Well, that may be the case for you if you have already lost the excess fatty tissue and are now focusing on building up more muscle tissue and strengthening those muscles.

And in this, there is one key ingredient that has proved to be quite a revolution in helping overweight men to lose excess fat. That, gentlemen, is protein. Whether you are shredding pounds or bulking up muscles, you have simply got to have your protein. For the fat loss exercises, some of these proteins have the ability to suppress hunger pangs, would you believe, but this you will only know if you sift through your dieting guides a little more carefully and slowly. It is like digesting your food as required. And that is important as well.

Men have been stereotyped as your proverbial hungry lions. When they finally sit down to their main, protein packed meal, they simply wolf the food down as though it were their last meal. Do this long enough and it could very well be your last. No, do take your time when eating. While meat portions will necessarily be much smaller when you are dieting to lose excess fat, still treat these occasions as feast days.

It is not so easy to do this if you are a singleton, but do try to treat meal times as opportunities for socializing. When you are surrounded with family or friends at meal times, the opportunity is given to everyone to contribute towards a good conversation. So, while you are eating, chewing slowly, of course, you also give your digestive system a bit of a break while talking. Well, with the focus being on protein this time around to lose excess fat, we do hope that the presentation here has been pleasantly digested. And that is another thing. Do read through your material slowly. You do not wish to miss one important point.

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