It was not mentioned before in the first two articles on men’s health and fitness. The approach and tone taken is also that of the direct approach. In other words, getting straight to the point. And to answer this highlighted question; is muscle milk good for you or not, the short and sweet answer is given, starting now.

Yes, muscle milk is good for you. And in keeping with the spirit of this series, the reasons for this positive answer are spelled out in terms that every man can understand. There is no need to rely on jargon or pretentious language. This simply confuses the issue. As to why muscle milk may be good for you at some stage in your fitness training future, the reasons thereof are given in the most user-friendly manner possible.

But while there are reasons for being optimistic, there is always a need to pause for thought. In this sense, it is necessary to remind readers of potential setbacks in regard to taking muscle milk over a prolonged period of time during the process of taking part in interval workouts, weight training and addressing nutritional requirements. But let the positive tone prevail. So long as muscle milk is being utilized in its correct manner and as prescribed by qualified product labels, no side effects should be encountered when consumed.

Why muscle milk is good for you

Tongue in cheek but never mischievously; we suggest that the proof is in the pudding. It is the key ingredients that are of benefit. There is a healthy combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients included which are all designed to replenish or restore lost reserves due to physical exertion. To this end, there is always an emphasis on protein consumption because it is this ingredient that helps improve muscle and bone strength.

Which is better; conventional powder or ethyl ester

To come straight to the point, ingesting the powdered solution is better. Ethyl ester is considered to be far too potent and not enough is known by scientists and researchers about this new, ‘improved’ muscle milk formula. Also, powdered milk is easy to prepare and digest. Simply dissolve the powdered solution in a glass of water or your favorite (natural) fruit juice and then enjoy. Note that your fruit source is important because the commercial alternative contains excess levels of white sugar.

The best times to take muscle milk

This will always depend on the intensity of your workouts and what types of exercises are being performed. If you have advanced to six months to a year of weight training, you could be a muscle milk candidate. You are likely to be lifting heavier weights and engaging in higher interval rates. No matter how well adjusted you are with your healthy eating plan, at this level of intensity; you are likely to lose excess stores of energy.

In order to ensure that you are able to replenish and replace lost reserves as quickly as possible, the popular recommendations remains to take a drink of muscle milk directly after the workout. But one source quoted that at high intensity rates; as much as three glasses a day may be ideal. This could mean another drink before the workout proceeds and at another more restful time of the day. It has also been suggested that nighttime is ideal for the third drink.

The reasons why muscle milk could be bad for you

It is pretty much the case with everything else that you indulge in; taking in too much milk could harm you. One consequence of overindulgence could be the curiously defined vitamin toxicity. Who would have thought that vitamins could do the body harm? The body is naturally inclined to process vitamin intake through the bloodstream after natural, healthy food is consumed. Excess vitamins via a course of muscle milk could put a strain on certain organs of the body.

But if muscle milk is consumed at the prescribed and recommended levels in accordance with levels of intensity in exercising, then there are no risks going forward. There is, however, a suspicion that some fanatical trainers neglect the importance of the rest of their diet. So, in closing this article, let us focus on the creation of a well-planned and well balanced diet to ensure that its contribution is effective in the interests of all round health and fitness.


In order to maintain and improve muscle strength, protein is essential. It is of equal importance for those who need to lose excess levels of fatty tissue. For them, extra care is required in ensuring that their protein consumption is devoid of excess fat. Those who are currently at peak fitness levels and training at high intensity levels have the ability to quickly burn off excess fatty tissue.


A popular meal pastime for serious marathoners in the past was that of carbo-loading the day before an event. It helped to boost their energy levels for the big event. Up to date information suggests that excess carbohydrate consumption is not ideal for those who are far less active, but remains ideal for those involved in high intensity training. And that brings us to a close of this healthy introduction to muscle milk where the abrupt answer as to whether it is good for you or not was given.

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