This is one of those articles that endeavors to remain positive through and through. If, at some point, the article appears to revert into negative territory, it is only to pause for thought and offer sensitive or vulnerable readers one or two sober reminders on the process of losing weight, particularly if the reader suspects that he may be a candidate for being classified as morbidly obese. So, at this point then, it is worthwhile beginning the article with a brief definition of this condition.

What is morbid obesity?

Morbid obesity occurs when a man is grossly or heavily overweight. His excess weight which is made up of predominantly unhealthy excess fatty tissue is so extreme that it debilitates him to the point of being physically disabled. As with wheelchair users, the heavily overweight man is not able to utilize private and public amenities without a degree of extreme effort or struggle. It does seem morbid, does it not? Enough of this morbidity, and let us proceed towards motivating distressed men towards taking the healthiest approach towards fat loss possible.

Rationalizing on what needs to be done

Quite understandably, it happens to a majority of overweight men who have finally decided to take action. Because they feel and look so bad, panic sets in. Irrationally, they take the wrong course of action by painfully putting their bodies through the austerities of the so-called and ill-advised crash course diets.

Some of these dietary fads entice desperate men to fast for long periods and thus place their already vulnerable health at further risk. And then they still conveniently forget to exercise, as is necessary, because to their sedentary selves, this is nothing more than a misnomer. But if you are one of those sedentary readers then now is a good time to breathe a huge sigh of relief. You do not need to go on crash course diets or starve yourself to death to lose the excess weight.

There are dozens of healthy eating plans available on the internet for you to scrutinize. While you will be focusing on essential food groups such as protein you will also have a pleasant opportunity to discover what some of your favorite meat, fruit and vegetable sources hold for you in terms of losing weight, keeping the fat off and staying healthy.

But while eating can and will be a pleasure for you going forward there is still one proviso you need to be reminded of. You still need to exercise. But even that necessity need not be arduous. Rest assured that it is only the first few weeks that will require some adjustment, but provided the prescribed or recommended exercise schedule (which need not even be high intensity training) is being followed consistently; results can be seen and felt with the first week.

The balanced approach is the healthiest one to take

There is also the fear that the repetitive nature of certain exercise disciplines, like interval workouts for instance, will cause boredom to set in and all motivation to carry on further being lost. The previous sub-heading already highlighted the importance of exercise to lose weight effectively. Today, exercise, repetitive or not, no longer needs to be regarded as a chore or something that simply needs to be done.

Interval or weight training will not be done on a daily basis. So on the other days when such repetitiveness is off the schedule, physically active men can take part in other disciplines, preferably carried out outdoors that bring them joy or stimulation. Those who are heavily overweight won’t be running in any case. But what they can still do is walk at a brisk pace up to the point that it quite literally causes them to raise a sweat and breathe heavily.

A healthy combination of diet and exercise

It is like the perfect marriage, if ever there was one. When one is apart from the loved one, it feels as though you are not your whole self. Something in your life is always missing. Earlier, mention was made of the importance of including exercise in the fat loss mission. Never to be forgotten and never to be apart is the correct meal plan.

This too, never needs to be boring because the number of healthy, protein-enriched ingredients is vast. And it is felt that at this stage of the article’s life, enough encouragement has been given to get overweight men to take a more proactive and healthy approach to their nutritional requirements. Those who are, however, morbidly obese, will be required to consult closely with their medical specialists in this regard. And best practice also entails working closely with a health oriented nutritionist.

The mind to body phenomenon

The saying goes that what is good for the body is good for the mind. If the body is in peak physical condition, the mind is in high spirits, to put it as simply as possible. And you also find that when the mind is well and calm, the body remains healthy. Highly stressed individuals are usually those whose diets are extremely poor and do little to know exercise. There is also an inclination to take narcotic substances where the body is falsely deceived it needs these in order to survive. So, enough of that then. Later, you can move straight onto interval workouts again.

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