We wish to steer clear away from the complexities of muscle milk ingredients as such. We do not wish to overburden or confuse new users of the (preferably) natural performance enhancing supplement. Whilst we have adopted a formal tone when engaging hungry new readers, more or less, it is nevertheless appropriate to lighten the mood on occasion. Let this article then, be such an occasion for you. If you have let off a guffaw occasionally then we have done our work for the day.

For a while now, we have been engaging you with answers to important questions. In the context of this article, the previously asked question; is muscle milk good for you or not, is an apt example. Now, some readers may have asked this question previously. Indeed, at least two collaborators of this project have, in the earliest past, asked the same question. So, if you are one of those, do not worry, and rather laugh at yourselves for this.

The question asked in the past, call it a blast from the past as it were, was; does muscle milk come from cows. After all, is that not true of milk. We have always known milk to come from animals, have we not? Today, some of you may know, particularly those of you who are committed to being vegan, that milk is derived from coconuts and the almond nut. Hence coconut milk and almond milk. And the short answer to this innocent question is; no, muscle milk is not derived from animal and plant sources.

Well, not in the original sense that we would have thought. But in actual fact, that much is already true. One key ingredient of natural milk is that of calcium. And by popular demand, as it were, a host of vitamins and minerals have been included to your muscle milk. And where do such essential ingredients originate? Well, from nature, of course. Hope you did enjoy a good laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

And laughter is indicative of a positive outlook towards life. Achieving that outlook has not been easy for many readers. This is due to the challenging environment of today’s work and life environments. There are many men out there who are particularly stressed at this point in time. Did we mention this previously? In any case, the main contributors towards higher than average levels of stress and anxiety are a particularly sedentary lifestyle with rather poor eating habits for bad company.

Gentlemen, judgment day came and went on this very critical matter a long time ago. No man can expect to be on top of his game if he is unwholesomely healthy and always has a negative view of his personal circumstances. The healthy sentence that was given on this is that participation in the health and wellness game, for the full duration of the match, is not just a priority in life, it is compulsory. Not doing this means that you will be red-carded quite early in the game.

Becoming an active player in the match of your life will mean that the referee, or the proverbial man upstairs, will not be blowing your final whistle until much later in your life. There is the pessimistic argument, it is still valid, mind you, that some men, owing to their genetic disposition just have no luck. These men have the misfortune of contracting cancerous diseases, amongst others, quite early in life. But to rationalize and to motivate you at the same time, let us call up this famous quote, verbatim.

Gary Player is a legendary figure in more ways than one. Before we reminisce on his legendary status, calling to mind a very recent and rather unfortunate example, let us remark on his famous quote. It was he who once said that the more you practice, the better your game will be. This brings to mind our friend Mr. Ronaldo. And the better you play, the luckier you get. That much is so true about life. So, forget about your family tree’s weaknesses and get on with the game.

Statistically speaking, you are in a far more powerful position to overcome and beat the challenges of illness and disease if you are proactively engaged in keeping yourself fit and healthy at all costs. For most of his life, Gary Player has done that. He is an old man by now, but chances are very good that he is still swinging his clubs, his handicap still good enough to challenge many a golfing professional today. Mr. Player is one of the few men that have swept all the golfing majors in a single calendar year.

His achievements did, of course, happen long before most of us were born. But, of course, most sports oriented readers today will recall the similar feats of American icon, Tiger Woods. There won’t be many such readers here, but there are those who prefer to check the gossip pages in regard to Mr. Wood’s so-called fall from grace. As you all know by now, he has been struck down by a rather crippling back injury. It is so sad to see an epitome of talent sink so low in life.

We do hope you have enjoyed this historical anecdote. Does it motivate you? So, as it turns out, there has been a tinge of sadness added to our earlier mischief of wishing to add a bit of humor for once. But then again, this does allow one to place both feet firmly on the ground and take a realistic approach to life. Not much will happen for you in life in a positive sense if you do not pull yourself up by the bootstraps and take responsible action in regard to addressing your heavy weight by eating healthily and exercising regularly.

We look forward to your feedback. This could determine whether this project has a long and healthy life going forward, realistically speaking, of course.

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